Surrounding area

This area is home to a number of monuments, deep woods filled with hiking and cycling paths with magical castles, ruins and the remains of ancient buildings, as well as a look-out point and chateaus with beautiful gardens. In summer you can go to the outdoor pool and in winter you can make your way to the ski slope. A bit further away are many other cultural, technical and religious monuments, including UNESCO monuments and other attractions, such as a water park.



Up to 35 km away

Sporting activities - summer

Sporting activities - winter

Exploring regional cities

Jump in the car and in less than an hour you can be in Zlín (49 km), Brno (50 km) or Olomouc (64 km), each with a number of cultural, architectural, religious, technical and other monuments and attractions.


We have a grocery store on-site. There are also post office, general store, pub and pizzeria in Střílky and you can find more stores in neighbouring Koryčany and the bigger cities such as Kroměříž and Uherské Hradiště.

The real shopping paradise is in Brno (50 km), which has for instance Olympia, one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the Czech Republic, and the Vaňkovka mall, which is right in the downtown area of the city and stands as an example of the sensitive and successful renovation of a machine factory owned by Friedrich Wannieck.